Friday, September 28, 2012

September Bakin' Friends!


It's the end of another month and time to post what I received from my September Bakin' Friend.  Where does the time go???

I received a notice from the mail carrier saying there was a package for me being held at the post office.  So when I went to retrieve it, what a pleasant surprise when the clerk came out with an extra package for me!  I couldn't wait to get home so I could see what my September Bakin' Friend, Mary Gales, had sent!

Such pretty packaging.  And look what was inside!


And look how they are in individual cello bags tied with twine.  Each praline was sitting on its own cute little doily.  Uh oh, the portion control fairy is whispering in my ear again.  Well, whisper away because when I'm getting acquainted with a box of pralines, I throw all caution to the wind!

If this didn't connect me to my Southern roots (my grandmother was from Mississippi), I don't know what could.  The combination of a ONE POUND BOX of brown sugar, a cup of whipping cream and a smidgen of corn syrup heated together then the addition of butter, pecans and chopped BACON - I felt like my Nana was right there with me as I savored the first one!  Here's the recipe card she sent me:

She also sent me a recipe for another form of bacon-y and brown sugar goodness - the kind you bake in the oven.  I like to call it BACON CANDY.  See?

Mmm mmm.

These pralines are the real thing.  So delicious, so Southern, so "laissez les bon temps rouler!"

Going . . .

Going . . .


Thank you so much Mary for the delicious pralines!  I saved one for my Mom so she could take a tasty trip back to Mississippi too!

If you would like to join our group of Bakin' Friends, please go to for more information.

I can't wait to see what the secret ingredient will be for October.  Candy corn??  Hmm . . .